Who We Are 


Established in 1995, Open Mind is a nonprofit organization founded by current and former KMS parents and alumni parents, who felt strongly about extending the KMS experience to all families and educators. Dedicated to the development and education of children, Open Mind is focused on developing KMS into a teaching and learning model in order to carry forth the innovation and excellence that has affected thousands of children and parents since Open Mind began. Through the development and dissemination of its child-directed approach and unique curricular components, the goals and objectives of Open Mind aim to achieve the following outcomes for our children and our school:

  • To promote the KMS child-centered, experiential approach to education

  • To assist middle & low income families in obtaining first rate childcare for infants and young children

  • To improve and enrich educational opportunities during these critical years for children in the San Francisco area

  • To sponsor outreach programs that will assist the work of other schools to become models of educational innovation and excellence

Board of Directors

  • Katherine Michiels - President
  • Peg O'Malley - First Vice President
  • Randall Johnson - Treasurer
  • Marisa Gonzalez - Board Member
  • Steven H. Bovarnick - Board Member